Kalekim, which offers solutions to professionals with its product performance and ease of application, added four new products to its assembly and sealing group.

New product family developed by Kalekim with its deep-rooted R&D experience and technical solution concept is composed of Technobond MS, Kalepolymas MS, Kalesilikon NS and Kalesilikon Plus. Thanks to their specially developed formulas, the products offer solutions for applicators with the ability to be applied to many different surfaces, paintability and different color alternatives, while creating healthy spaces with their nature friendly features.

100 percent performance products: Kalesilikon NS and Kalesilikon Plus 

Kalesilikon NS which developed for exterior applications and Kalesilikon Plus products which developed specifically for shower cabin and shower tray sealing, provide excellent performance with their solvent-free 100 percent silicone structures. As UV resistant product that does not lose its properties at high and low temperatures, it is also extremely resistant to all kinds of weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, direct sunlight etc.

Kalesilikon Plus provides for excellent results in filling and sealing the joints of ceramics exposed to water and in the joints of sinks, bathtubs, toilet bowls, shower cabinets, shower trays, countertops, and in filling and sealing the gaps between shower cabinets, bathtubs and tiles during shower cabin manufacturing and assembly.

Technobond MS, which can be used for multiple purposes and has high adhesion strength to all types of surfaces, stands out with its speed in initial adhesion and its performance in bonding heavy construction materials without the need for fixation. The product that can be painted over, creates also a strong effect in bonding of various building materials such as ceramics, wood, plasterboard, metal etc. in vertical and horizontal positions.

KalePolymas MS, which can be applied indoors and outdoors, has high adhesion and mobility, meets the joint movement at the joints and maintains its impermeability feature. The product, which adheres perfectly to many surfaces without a primer, doesn’t shrink and lose its volume. It is used in the sealing of connection and expansion joints in the construction sector, parapet corner joints of roofs and terraces, joints of prefabricated elements, sealing of movement joints of multi-storey buildings, and insulation of door and window frames.