New BYH series of Baymak, which makes a difference in the air conditioning sector with its wide product range, meets the pressurized water needs of projects such as large houses, hospitals and hotels.

With its high technology in the BYH series, Baymak responds to the water needs of multi-storey and flat living spaces, which is a new addition to the existing booster pump family. The new BYH series booster pumps find solutions for a total of 108 m3/h water need with a flow rate of 36 m3/h per pump, and due to its models up to 15 bar for projects and water needs up to 30 times with their high capacity features.

BYH booster pump series stands out with its long-lasting, durable and silent operating principle. It has the pumps with complete stainless steel construction including fan diffuser for long years of comfort. With this feature, it offers users the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving together.

New BYH booster pump series; It can provide frequency control optionally with single pump, double pump and three pump model options, and co-aging as standard. There is co-aging feature offered as standard in double-pump and three-pump models. With this feature, while the life of the pumps is extended, all pumps can be activated together in case of need. Energy saving is maximized in frequency controlled models.