alarko panel

Alarko panel radiators can be used at multi- storey buildings which need high operating pressure and at tiny and jammed environments with its suitable sizes and rich choices.

Thanks to its thermostatic valves that can be mounted optional, it is possible to make temperature control for each radiator separately and have productive and economic heating. Alarko panel radiators, getting credit with its chic and decorative designs, enables easy installation with its sensitive sizes, lightness and the feature of the ability of being mounted without removing from its package. Radiators which are resistant to corrosion, chemical effects, weather conditions, strikes and scratch, are shining out with high efficiency. The anti-dust smooth surface product can be easily cleaned thanks to its special shutter cap system.

Alarko panel radiators enable to choose the best radiators which are the most appropriate to the temperature need of the environment, architectural and decorative design with its models manufactured as 5 different heights between 300- 900 mm and 21 different lengths between 400- 3000 mm. It is dyed with white standard (RAL 9010) but demanded dyeing can be done for special bulk orders.

Alarko panel radiators are manufactured on the computer controlled bands in Alarko Radiator Manufacturing Site and presented to domestic and overseas markets.