Seger, an active player in the automotive industry, has launched its product group consisting of Xenon (HID), halogen and miniature bulbs that will increase the road and driving safety of drivers. Xenon bulbs, which extend the range of illumination by providing twice as much light, will provide better visibility for drivers, especially in snowy, foggy and rainy weather conditions. 

With the horns produced suitable for every need and pleasure, Seger takes place among the world’s leading brands in Turkey and across the world. The company aims to increase the vision comfort of the driver and also the road safety thanks to the new lighting product line

More light, longer life 

Xenon (HID) bulbs, one of the products that Seger has added to its lighting product line, provide up to twice as much light. Xenon bulbs also have up to three times the longevity. There are 8 different products in the Xenon bulb group in accordance with global regulations that differ according to their technical specifications. 

Cüneyt Coşkun: “We invested despite Covid-19” 

Stating that they have always made a breakthrough considering the needs of drivers and their safety on the road, Seger Sales and Marketing Manager Cüneyt Coşkun said, “We completed our feasibility and market studies in the last quarter of 2019 and decided to launch new lighting line products. Since the first months of 2020, there has been a pandemia which has negatively affected the whole world economically too. Despite this, we started to introduce halogen, miniature and Xenon (HID) bulbs in our lighting line in the second half of 2020. We predict that Xenon (HID) bulbs, standing out with their longer life and offer more light compared to standard bulbs, will be more preferred by drivers.”