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With the special winter tire campaign it launched, Petlas, the safe tire of Turkey offers safe driving in tough winter conditions to drivers as well as the chance to win a new Mercedes

Offering the most suitable tire solutions for the road conditions in the country with its slogan of “Turkey’s Tire”, Petlas started a winter tire campaign to spread use of winter tire and to attract attention to safe driving practices. Passenger car, light commercial vehicle and 4×4 vehicle drivers that choose Petlas winter tires that offer safe driving in rainy, snowy and windy weather conditions thanks to their unique features, will get the chance to join the drawing to win one of the 7 Mercedes CLA 200s for every 400 TL they spend between 1 September and 31 December 2015. Drivers wishing to drive their cars safely in the toughest winter conditions, can buy Petlas winter tires for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and 4×4 vehicles with their CardFinans credit cards in eight installments with no interest. Lucky names winning Mercedes CLA 200 from among drivers buying their winter tires from Petlas, will be selected with the drawing to be held in 2016 and will be announced on 18 January 2016.

Why should we use winter tires?

It is a must to use “winter tires” to drive safely under tough petlasroad conditions in winter months. Winter tires produced by Petlas to ensure life and property safety, stand out with their “special tread design”. The block structure with tiny channels of the tread design of winter tires, offers firmer grip on snowy road surface and also ensures superior drive and braking capabilities. And the peripheral and lateral channels in between the blocks, effectively discharges the snow between the tire and the ground, ensuring maximum grip on snowy surface. Rubber content of Petlas’s winter tires as well improve driving safety. The surface of winter tires touching the ground does not harden at low temperatures thanks to the special silica mixture used. This way the tire provides more grip and shorter breaking distances. The high tread depth of winter tires and optimized tread width causes the tire to go deeper into the muddy surface compared to standard tires thus maintaining contact with ground.