Aksa Power Generator, as a major brand of the generator sector, also started its operation in the Netherlands by adding a new production plant to its extensive sales network in 5 continents and in Turkey, the United States and China, as part of its global growth strategy.

Operating already in 19 countries around the world with its own offices and investments, Aksa Power Generator started its new production and trading center in Rotterdam region of the Netherlands in line with its growth plans. As one of the world’s five largest generator manufacturers, the company exports to 173 countries from its production facilities in Turkey, China and the US.

Aksa Power Generator, which produces its products while focusing on energy efficiency, is going to focus on export markets in Western Europe with innovative and nature friendly new generation products of European origin at its Dutch facility. The company, which aims to meet the needs of the rapidly growing data centers, telecommunication and infrastructure markets in Europe, also aims to develop new products for the needs of its customers in the area via the Netherlands. It also plans to introduce hybrid generator systems to the European market, which are characterized by an economical, efficient and naturally conscious technology that also uses renewable energy sources.

The goal of being the top 3 producer companies in the world by 2025

Stating that they have taken a huge step in line with their global growth strategies, Rıdvan Özer, General Manager of Sales and Marketing in Aksa Power Generator said, “We are moving forward safely with our goal to become one of the world’s 3 major generator manufacturers by 2025, while taking part in 5 continents as our Dutch plant starts its operations. We will continue to put into practice our different efforts and investment plans in coming period and in line with increasing our global footprint and targets in market share.”