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Nostalgic spaces with Bien’s Alaturca series…

The innovative and environmentally friendly brand Bien, brings a local and warm look to living spaces with its new series Alaturca that reflects the spirit of old Ottoman and Turkish motifs. The enameled tile motifs that were widespread in the past but are very labor-intensive and time consuming to make, are bought to life again with Bien’s Alaturca series.

In today’s world hygiene is very important, time is precious and money is valuable. The old enameledtiles, which require a lot of craftsman skills and labor and are time consuming to make, are replaced by ceramics series with enameled tile motifs of old times. They are east to clean and convenient….Also with their durability, they can be used for many years, which makes them very economical too. These tiles preferred mostly by cafes, restaurants, hotels and living spaces, function as complementary decorative items in living spaces. One can easily create alternative designs by blending the old and traditional lines of Alaturca and today’s modern designs.

Bien’s Alaturca series features tiles with five different motifs called Pastel, Star, Tiffany, Tulip and Whisper that come in a variety of colors.