Aiming for a sustainable world with its eco friendly production approach, Teksan plays a leading role in its sector with its energy efficient products. Teksan Solar Lighting Tower, which is newly added to the company’s eco friendly solutions, gets its energy from the sun.

One of Turkey’s well-established companies in the energy sector, Teksan, is bringing its high-quality products to market in an eco friendly and sustainable production approach. Teksan Solar Lighting Tower, powered by the energy it receives from the sun, provides a practical usage opportunity while protecting the environment due to fuel savings. Solar Lighting Towers are preferred for the lighting of construction site works, concrete works, mine, tunnel, road – bridge construction works and outdoor activities.

At Teksan Solar Lighting Tower, there are 1010 Wp solar panel, 48 VDC 150 Ah battery group and 4 Led projectors with 150 W power. It can illuminate an area of 3,500 square meters for 8 hours by reflecting the energy it receives from the solar panels and stores in its batteries by reflecting it through LED luminaires. Solar Lighting Tower is sufficient by itself without needing any other energy source between March and September when the sunlight is intense. In the autumn and winter, it is possible to provide most of the energy needed with the eco friendly Solar Lighting Tower… The contribution of solar panels to energy needs throughout the year is as high as 84 percent.