Dear readers of our website,

We have introduced our news portal ” Made In Turkey Magazine” to you on November 6, 2015 for your interest and pleasure.

Made In Turkey Magazine is a digital publishing news site which includes also an integrated digital magazine.

Every month in this digital magazine, we take an another industrial sector under the spotlight with an general assessment. Thanks to this, it would make it possible for you to be able to reach the successful firms of this sector easily and to get access for seeing its latest products and to be aware of the latest news about it.

On our news portal, we will be constantly updating the entries and the news  about  specified 15 sectors. So, you can find the products of all industry sectors in this news site which you are looking for. Furthermore you can also easily check the firms and get contacts with them which operate in these sectors.

Our news site includes also some important information about Turkey. Making use of this information, you would have an useful advice for a good accommodation facility or to rent a car as well as offers about health tourism or shopping centers etc.  in Turkey. “Selected for you”.. on the pages where you see this article, you can easily contact the firms which offer the highest quality of service for you.

Because we know that the time is extremely precious now, we can be your advertising agency in Turkey. We provide the highest quality advertising materials for you and then deliver it to the addresses wherever you want to.

Made In Turkey Magazine has been completely designed to make your job easier.  Our fundamental purpose with this achievement is to ensure a rapid progress in your business with helping you to find the most accurate and reliable source in the easiest way when you need new products and new services.

The requests and the suggestions related to our website, you can forward to this address: editor@madeinturkeymagazine.com

Best wishes and kind regards from MADE IN TURKEY MAGAZINE…