Çanakkale Ceramic creates a spacious atmosphere with sea scent in bathrooms and kitchens with its ‘Santorini’ series, one of the assertive products of the luxury product segment.

Çanakkale Ceramic, which goes beyond the known molds with special designs developed in ceramic tile, offers the taste of the consumer by combining the refreshing colours and patterns of the Mediterranean in one series. The ‘Santorini’ series, in which Çanakkale Ceramic is inspired by the colours of Santorini Island, carries the sparkle of the southern coasts in their living spaces.

Being ideal for places such as bathroom and kitchen, ‘Santorini’ draws attention with its ,12,5×40 cm and 12,5×12,5 cm dimensions and rich combination options. ‘Santorini’ series calls its users throughout four seasons to the beach with its white, bone, anthracite, blue, damson and naphtha coloured wall tile.

The ‘Santorini’ series also carries the brick trend to the bathrooms. ‘Santori’s wall tiles and decorations are preferred in cafes and hotels, as well as in bathrooms and kitchens.