Depth Time in Place: Seramiksan New Orleans


While Seramiksan reflects the most beautiful color of white with the New Orleans series, it creates a natural atmosphere in the living spaces.

Expanding its product range in line with the latest trends in the world, Seramiksan adds depth to its living spaces with its new series New Orleans. The series, which is mirrored by the marble nobility, easily adapts to every space while creating stylish spaces with aesthetic appearance.

The series, which is used comfortably both on the inside and outside, attracts attention with its decorative appearance and the marble effect. The floor and wall carvings in New Orleans, which offer a calm and tranquil atmosphere with its white color, attract great attention due to its large size and variety of uses.

Seramiksan New Orleans series is produced with full lappato in 60×60, 60×120, 120x 120 sizes, nano technology which does not stain and prevents bacteria.