Aktas Holding, which directly exports to more than 100 countries with its innovative investments in transportation, construction, industry and green energy fields, raised its target bar at the global level in its 80th anniversary.

Sami Erol, Chairman of the Executive Board of Aktaş Holding

Aktas Holding which provides added value to the economy with its basic business areas such as transportation, construction, industrial products and green energy, exports 75 percent of its products to more than 100 countries. Aktas Holding, last year, exported 75 million dollars and this year it is targeting 80 million dollars. Besides Turkey, Aktaş Holding also have factories in Bulgaria and China. Sami Erol, Chairman of the Executive Board of Aktaş Holding, gives the following information about global structures and new investment plans; Last year we enlarged our factory in Bulgaria. In our Chinese factory, we started production again 14 months ago. Here, we produce 150 thousand units of suspension system with 60 people in an area of 13 thousand 700 square meters. We provide products 80% to OEMs. As part of our agreement with Daimler Mercedes in the US, we have begun to provide a suspension system to the entire aftermarket market in the region. We will have an annual export of 300 thousand pieces. He also states that; ‘In January of this year, Erol stated that they started to export bellows to Indian Mahindra, and they also started to give suspension systems to a company that is manufacturing systems directly to 8 OEMs in India’.

Noting that they are accepted for the second 5-year support program within the scope of TURQUALITY supports, Sami Erol states that they will continue their branding and restructuring efforts in markets such as China, USA, India, Brazil and Russia. Stating that the total production capacity of the bellows is 2.5 million units a year, Sami Erol adding that Aktaş Holding aims to increase its share in the existing markets and enter new markets. He continues: In terms of localization in production, we have a structure of over 90 percent. In Spain, we have created a special business area for the region with a large international automotive manufacturer. We expect new investments in America, India or Russia over the next 3 years. In addition, we aim to take place in the markets of China, India and Japan which constitute two-thirds of the rail system investments in the world. In other words, as Aktas Holding, we travel all over the world and continue to identify potential markets for us. Providing information on Powertech branded industrial hose production in the industrial group, Erol stated: ‘’In 2017, we achieved our 5-million-dollar turnover target. Our target for 2018 is 12 million dollars. We commissioned extrusion type hoses. Thus, we will produce hoses up to 200 meters and will guide the market needs. This year, we are planning to make a new line investment, to produce large diameter, specific, flanged, niche hoses, to expand our production range and to meet different industrial needs. At the beginning of 2019, we aim to commission the steel wire braided hose production line. At the latest in 2020, we want to move to a new facility. We have decided to increase our export targets in the period, thus spreading our products to large masses and contributing to our country will be our biggest goal’’.