With its dozens of woods produced products such as; MDF, laminate parquet and wall panels AGT, makes a 100 million dollars exports to 70 countries per a year. It aims to double its production and exports with its new investment of 100 million euros.

While the Turkish furniture sector ranked 25th in the world exports 10 years ago, today it is ranked 11th with its export volume exceeding $ 2.5 billion. One of the leading companies of this success is undoubtedly AGT. It took its first step in Antalya 34 years ago with the dream that wood can be processed and developed for individuals and institutions. Today, besides being one of the Turkey’s largest 500 industrial companies in furniture components with a turnover that exceeds 700 million TL it has become one of the world’s leading integrated facilities.

AGT has a modern technology and production power that can produce all the wooden materials that it needs, from MDF to MDF LAM, from panel to profile, from parquet to broom, on its own. With more than 1000 sales points in 5 continents, AGT exports 40% of its productions to more than 70 countries, mainly Iran, Russia, Eastern Europe, Balkans and Middle East. Export revenues constitute half of their annual turnover.

AGT General Manager Şirzat Subaşı

AGT General Manager Şirzat Subaşı stated that they closed the year 2017 with more than $ 100 million in export revenue. He also expressed his great satisfaction because they provide such a contribution to the furniture industry, which is one of the rare sector without current account deficit of Turkey. In addition, he highlights that AGT is the third in Europe and fifth in the world in particle board production. According to the information provided by Şirzat Subaşı, Turkey meet the 6 percent of MDF products which is subject to trade on the global market. We are the second in Europe in laminate parquet and the third in the world ranking after China and Germany. He shares the following information regarding AGT’s market share: ”As AGT, we produce 10 percent of the 6 million cubic meters of MDF in Turkey. With a production capacity of over 25 million square meters in laminate flooring, we get more than 2 percent share in the world market.”

Soon, we will start to operate our facility that we started to work with our investment in Kazvin Industrial Zone in Iran last year. With the investment, we will double our trade volume to the countries of the region and the Middle East. Despite the dominance of Far East products in the United Arab Emirates market, we continue to establish a widespread sales network with our marketing activities. We continue our target research and market research studies for Middle Europe and the USA. In addition, as we will contribute to the economy and employment of our country with our new 100-million-euro facility investment which we have decided at the beginning of 2018; we will double our production capacity and exports. As AGT, we are targeting a 30 percent growth in 2018.