kale seramik

Kaleseramik continues to create repercussions with its investments in the sector.

Kale Group foundation of which was laid with Çanakkale Seramik Fabrikaları A.Ş. in 1957, pioneered the efforts for establishing the ceramic coating materials in Turkey and became a global giant with its investments in this area. Kaleseramik R&D center, which was established with the vision to develop products with high added value by bringing to life with its team of experts, the innovative and unique projects created in line with Kale Building Elements Group, continues to create successful projects.

Kaleseramik Çanakkale Kalebodur Seramik Sanayi A.Ş. R&D manager Dr. Kağan Kayacı stated that over 60 engineers, designers and technicians carried out R&D projects in the areas of ceramic coating materials, raw material, ceramic healthcare appliances, technical ceramic and design-product development in a 5.500 m2 R&D facility. Dr. Kayaci summarized the major goals of Kaleseramik R&D center. These are combatting trade deficit which is one of the biggest problems of the national economy, increasing country’s export capacity, offering research and engineering services using its advanced technologies and IT infrastructure, and contributing to efforts for turning Kaleseramik into a globally competitive company.”

Dr. Kayacı also mentioned that the R&D center is equipped with necessary devices that allow in-housetesting and analysis of all materials including raw materials and final products. Dr. Kayaci summarized some of these devices as X-ray diffraction device, X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectroscopy, flame photometry, Fourier transform infrared Spectroscopy FTIR, carbon dating device, sulfur dating device, thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis dilatometer and heating microscope, helium pycnometer, Surface area calculation device, particle size distribution device, and light microscope.

According to Dr. Kayacı, training is vital for creating an innovation culture and ensuring sustainability and said “In addition to in-house trainings, we support employees wishing to join graduate or PhD programs or those that are already in such programs and their travel expenses are paid for by the company. And we are also very tolerant in giving them leaves so that they complete their programs within the normal program durations. Kaleseramik R&D Center’s main goals are to create the infrastructure necessary to develop unique technologiesinstead of buying technologies, to develop the technologies of tomorrow by entering into project partnerships with universities and national-international researchinstitutions, and to manage projects aimed at developing strategies for energy and environmental problems. There are currently 9 TUBITAK projects underway and in addition, we place great emphasis on working in projects with universities and research centers. Some of these institutions are Çanakkale 18 Mart University, İstanbul Technical University, Sabancı University, Anadolu University, and Ceramics Research Center.

Dr. Kağan Kayaci also mentioned that Kaleseramik R&D center also received the Altin Cekul Construction Element Award 2015, the most prestigious award of the Turkish construction industry given by Yapi Endustri Merkezi, with its project titled “Thin Section Vitrified Series” and said “Also, at the 2015 Efficiency Project Competition organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, with our “Project for Developing New Generation Industrial Formulations” we won the 3rd place among 193 projects.”