Ford Otosan will Invest 52 Million Dollars



Ford Otosan, one of the leading companies of the Turkish automotive industry, has decided to increase its production capacity with a new investment of 52 million dollars. In order to meet the growing demand in the global markets, especially in Europe, the company will increase the existing production capacity from 415 thousand to 455 thousand. Ford Otosan, which has been the Turkish export champion for the last 2 years and the automotive sector’s export champion title for the sixth consecutive year, will gradually move its production capacity to the target level until the end of September 2018.

Haydar Yenigün

Haydar Yenigün, General Manager of Ford Otosan, emphasizing that they offer products that will compete not only in Turkey but also in all export markets, for capacity increase decision “Turkey maintains its advantage for investment and export with its growing economy, competitive production and strategic position. Ford continues to dominate commercial vehicles in Europe with an increasing market share, and there is a significant increase in demand from Europe. With this capacity increase, we will meet increasing demand and we will also break new records in production and export of our Transit and Custom models. “Turkey’s export leader and automotive industry’s important strength Ford Otosan announced that it has decided to increase its current production capacity, which is 415 thousand vehicles in 3 factories, to 455 thousand vehicles annually until the end of September 2018. Especially in the Transit and Custom models, the company has announced this decision in order to meet the increasing customer demand. With the investment of 52 million USD, the production capacity at the Gölcük Plant will increase by 40 thousand units.


Ford Otosan, which produces 71 percent of all commercial vehicles Ford has sold in Europe and 82 percent of the Transit Family models in Turkey, will be able to meet increasing demand and customer needs in the future with capacity increases. The Golcuk Plant, where 290 thousand Transit and Custom models can be produced, will have a production capacity of 330 thousand units after capacity increase. Ford Otosan Gölcük Plant, which started production of Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom in 2012, is now the only integrated production center of Custom models in the world. Thanks to the production quality and high production technology of the Turkish worker, the factory has succeeded in becoming the world’s leading production center of Ford’s Transit model.

Haydar Yenigün: “We will break new records in production and exports”

Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün emphasized that Turkey’s growing economy, the government’s incentives to support the investment environment and its strategic geographical location helped to maintain its advantage for investment and export, said:

“We are Ford’s most important production center on the commercial vehicle market and therefore an important profit center. We export the tools and parts we produce with the labor of Turkish engineers and workers to 83 countries. We exported $ 3.8 billion last year and preserved our title as ‘Turkey’s export champion’. We actualize 65% of the commercial vehicle exports in Turkey in on our own. Right now, Ford’s market share in the commercial vehicle market in Europe continues with its superiority increasing market share and there is a significant increase in demand from Europe. We have decided to increase our production capacity in order to meet this demand, which is expected to increase further in the future. On the other hand, commercial vehicle production in Turkey has reached a very advanced level with its main and subsidiary industries. Increasing demand in export markets is also a sign of this success. Now, we are moving to increase production in Kocaeli, the door of the Turkish automotive industry opened to the world, and to break new records in production and exports. We believe that with this investment  Turkey will continue to export leadership in the coming years and we will continue to add value to our economy. “